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Artist Statement

My paintings are a direct counterpoint to my love of music. I began painting in college and quickly found that when I was stuck on a piece of music I was writing, I could escape to the painting lab, where I could focus on only the raw colors, textures, and patterns of the paint. It became both a creative therapy and a passion in its own right.

Now, I intentionally avoid any conscious meaning in my visual work. I still pursue the same interests in paint as I do in music- layers of motion, repetition, balance, and contrast- but without any of the emphasis I place on deeper ideas and themes in my music. This makes the paintings raw explorations of visual rhythm and emotion, executed quickly and with little prior planning. The loose, improvisatory quaility is essential to my process in both painting and in leading a multi-faceted creative life.

About the Artist

Evan W. Runyon is a painter and musician working in Austin, Texas. He graduated from Austin College in 2013, and has participated in several group shows in galleries throughout Texas. His first solo show, a group of mixed media pieces on paper, opened at Art.Work Austin in September 2017.



BA, Music Composition & Art, Austin College, 2013
Graduated magna cum laude

Solo Exhibitions

"Gases & Voids: New Mixed Media Series on Paper", Art.Work.Austin Gallery. Austin, TX (2017)
"On Trees: New Paintings by Evan Runyon", Ida Green Projects Gallery, Austin College. Sherman, TX (2013)
"Shout This Out: New Music & Art", Beardsley Arena Theatre, Austin College. Sherman, TX (2013)

Group Exhibitions

West Austin Studio Tour (2018)
"Magnificence of Seven", Art For The People Gallery. Austin, TX (2018)
"Fall Artists Showcase", Art.Work.Austin Gallery. Austin, TX (2017)
"Abstract Absolutely", Art For The People Gallery. Austin, TX (2017)
"The Mighty Vignettes", Art For The People Gallery. Austin, TX (2017)
"Art on Elm Festival", Juried Group Exhibition. Waco, TX (2017)
"Mix & Mash Fundraiser", Mexic-Arte Museum. Austin, TX (2017)
East Austin Studio Tour (2016)
East Austin Studio Tour (2015)